g/dl (three.0 mmol/l) 57.eight (58.three of men and 57.three of ladies), HDL-C 40 mg/dl (1.0 mmol/l) in guys 32.five , HDL-C 45 mg/dl (1.two mmol/l) in girls 22 , TG 150 mg/dl (1.7 mmol/l) 21.1 (28.4 of males and 14.0 of ladies) [4]. In the WOBASZ II study carried out two years later, hypercholesterolaemia was reported in 70.3 of guys and 64.three of women aged 20 years (67.1 from the all round study population), though hypertriglyceridaemia with typical cholesterol concentration was observed in 5.six of males and 2.four of females [21]. Decreased HDL-C with standard TC and TG concentration was observed in five.1 of guys and 7.3 of females. All round, at the least one type of dyslipidaemia was reported in as considerably as 81.0 of girls and 74.0 of ladies. As a lot as 60.6 of subjects with hypercholesterolaemia were not conscious of this fact, and only 6 of patients had been correctly treated and accomplished reference values of lipid profile parameters [21]. In a 5-year IL-23 Compound nationwide prospective cohort study of LIPIDOGRAM 5-YEARS, carried out within the years 2004010 inside a population of PHC individuals treated for dyslipidaemia (n = 1841), the reduction of lipid profile parameter values was inef-Lipid profile parameters [mg/dl]250 200 150224131 132 6414650 0 TC LDL LIPIDOGRAM2004 HDL TG LIPIDOGRAMFigure 1. Mean values of lipid profile parameters in the LIPIDOGRAM2004 and LIPIDOGRAM2006 studiesfective in nearly 50 of individuals with TC and LDL-C concentration above the normal range and in greater than 30 of men and women with elevated TG levels [224]; this de facto confirmed the lack of improvement of effectiveness of remedy of lipid problems observed also inside the earlier screening research of LIPIDOGRAM2004 and LIPIDOGRAM2006 [224]. Insufficient control of hypercholesterolaemia was also observed in subsequent studies, including a study in patients hospitalised for ischaemic heart illness followed up inside the Krakow Ischaemic Heart Illness Secondary Prevention Programme [25]. The target LDL-C concentration of 70 mg/dl (1.8 mmol/l) was observed in only 28.1 of patients, while in 71.9 , 38.6 , 24.4 and 10.3 , LDL-C was 70 mg/dl (1.8 mmol/l), 100 mg/ dl (2.five mmol/l) 115 mg/dl (three.0 mmol/l), and 160 mg/dl (4.0 mmol/l), respectively [25]. Furthermore, what exactly is still a significant challenge for physicians and researchers, studies performed previously twenty years suggest that the percentage of individuals with ischaemic heart disease achieving the recommended LDL cholesterol concentration has not considerably changed as compared to the HSV medchemexpress finish from the 20th century (no matter variations with respect towards the advisable target LDL-C concentration) [26]. Interestingly, the percentage of patients reaching the target LDL-C concentration among people who declared remedy in PHC clinics did not differ significantly in the very same percentage in patients who declared that their therapy was decided by a doctor within a specialist cardiology clinic [26]. Inside the most recent nationwide study on the prevalence and treatment of dyslipidaemia in main care patients (n = 13,724), i.e., LIPIDOGRAM2015 LIPIDOGEN2015, conducted in the years 2015016, the results obtained didn’t indicate any significant improvement in the epidemiological scenario concerning lipid disorders in Poland discussed above [10, 27, 28]. The results on the LIPIDOGRAM2015 study showed an elevated total cholesterol level of 190 mg/dlArch Med Sci six, October /M. Banach, P. Burchardt, K. Chlebus, P. Dobrowolski, D. Dudek, K. Dyrbu, M. Gsior, P. Janko