Es it hard to give extensive evidence of human mobility [55]. As a result, despite the fact that Berry tried to reveal the spatial structure through complicated flow systems in the 1960s [56], connected studies have nevertheless concentrated around the nodal regions, including these organized by numerous interactions between urban core nodes and their hinterlands [57]. The updating of study data and procedures in recent years has triggered a renaissance of dynamic urban structure research. The improvement of details and communication technologies (ICT) and location-aware technologies has provided new data sources for detecting the dynamics of urban structure, which includes International Positioning Program (GPS) log data, smart card information, mobile telephone data, along with other trajectory information [58]. These new information sources have offered opportunities to track human movements and acquire socio-demographic details [59,60]. However, researchers have found that the statistical characteristics of travel behavior follow a power law and possess a truncated heavy-tailed distribution, meaning that people are a lot more most likely to travel repeatedly in familiar places and/or close to their location of residence [613]. These findings have resulted inside the introduction of complex network theory and solutions in to the field of urban studies, and researchers have started to discover dynamic functional locations from large-scale trajectory data [50,55,647]. Because the most populous nation in the world, China’s urban improvement has had a significant impact around the worldwide urbanization course of action and environmental troubles [4]. Having said that, because of the limitations of information, prior research have certain deficiencies within the understanding in the spatial structure of Chinese megacities. 1st, from the point of view on the static Decanoyl-L-carnitine Autophagy qualities of urban spatial structure, preceding datasets applied in these studies mainly depend on statistical sources, that are commonly renewed after each and every five orLand 2021, ten,four typically years [68]. By way of example, some recent studies still depend on the population census for 2010 and financial census for 2008 [6,69,70]. In addition to, because of the difficulty of acquiring the spatial distribution of job statistics from public sources, Chinese scholars have had to measure urban patterns based on resident population data to get a extended time [70]. Nonetheless, typically employment, not population, is viewed as to become the crucial to shaping the urban type and figuring out economic development [28]. Therefore, there demands to be additional empirical analysis to explore the morphological capabilities of Chinese megacities in the viewpoint of Ethyl Vanillate manufacturer employment distribution. Second, in the viewpoint in the dynamic qualities of urban spatial structure, scholars have revealed the functional urban regions formed by population flows and spatial interactions in the inner city based on unique sources of trajectory data in current years. Nevertheless, it must be noted that most research utilised trajectory information generated by certain sorts of autos, like taxi trajectory information [50,67], rather than commuting flows. Actually, the commuting flows that connect workplaces and residences is the particular representation of dynamic spatial structure [49]. Moreover, compared with statistical information used in urban form study, the new trajectory information differs significantly in solutions, scope and time in which statistics are gathered. Consequently, handful of studies can analyze the static and dynamic traits on the urban structure at the similar time, for the reason that distinctive sources of.