S. 5.three. 2D Petroleum Program Modeling Setup Interpreted seismic line DC-NEP-33 (north and south, Figure 4) provides the depths and geometries for the layers in our 2D petroleum program model. The 2D petroleum program model offers insight into petroleum migration and paleo-leakage pathways, and permits for far more detailed evaluation of fluid accumulations and compositions in the area than the 1D evaluation. Only thicker sedimentary sequences or Rhod-2 AM MedChemExpress packages (a huge selection of meters) had been incorporated in the petroleum method models, except about the Morrowan reservoir of interest where layers lower to thicknesses of tens of meters. Two erosional events had been modeled: the pre-Pennsylvanian subsurface unconformity and Laramide uplift and erosion (Table two). The pre-Pennsylvanian unconformity is present across the NE Texas Panhandle [21,46]. In our study location, the unconformity connected with all the Laramide uplift is in the surface, exactly where 1 km of Mesozoic and Permian deposits have already been eroded as the basin was tilted eastward inside the Cenozoic [54,60]. The Booker Field (location in Figure 1) nicely logs indicate a reservoir sandstone facies that’s not resolvable on the 2D legacy seismic lines; this was incorporated inside the 2D model as it is an crucial reservoir rock. Dimensions of this sand physique are estimated from SWP nicely logs and literature [44,60]. This sandstone body will be the active injection interval for CO2 -EOR operations at Booker Field. Figure 14 shows formations and corresponding depositional ages of your 2D model.Energies 2021, 14,18 of5.4. Outcomes of 2D Petroleum Program Modeling The 2D petroleum method models predict hydrocarbon accumulation and fluid properties (Figure 15). The Behar et al. [78] type II compositional Natural Product Library In Vivo kinetic model was chosen for the Thirteen Finger Limestone and Upper Morrow shale; the Behar et al. [78] form III compositional kinetic model was chosen for the decrease Morrow shale, along with the Lewan and Ruble [79] Woodford shale hydrous pyrolysis kinetics model was utilised for the Woodford shale (Table two). We selected the hybrid Darcy/flowpath model to describe petroleum flow in Schlumberger PetroModsoftware.Figure 15. Vitrinite reflectance and liquid (green) and gas (red) migration pathways predicted by Schlumberger Petromodsoftware. The Morrowan formation is divided into an Upper and Decrease Morrow shale. The black box is enlarged within the inset; the reservoir sandstone formation (yellow) is charged by the Upper and Decrease Morrowan shales, the Woodford, plus the Thirteen Finger Limestone.Modeled temperatures inside the Morrowan formations enhance southward along line DC-NEP-33 from 70 C to 105 C. The model predicts that the CO2 reservoir is presently at 74 C at the areas of Farnsworth and Booker Fields. The Thirteen Finger Formation temperature ranges from 67.5 C to 87 C. This southward increase in temperature is reflected in the basin’s maturation; maturation inside a formation usually increases southward (Figure 15). In our modeled transect, the Woodford Shale is most mature, and its predicted vitrinite reflectance is between 1.three Ro ; vitrinite reflectance of the Atokan Thirteen Finger is in between 0.65.eight Ro . In our models, only the deep Woodford Shale is inside the gas window. This formation includes a Transformation Ratio of 100 inside the south, and 42 within the far-north a part of the section. The Thirteen Finger’s Transformation Ratio ranges from 30.five , the Upper Morrow Shale from 40 , as well as the decrease Morrow Shale from 33.three (south to north; Transformation.