Is Via the upregulation of antioxidative anxiety proteins, for example Nrf2 and heme oxygenase(65) (50)SD ratsUnsexed Brain pups, ten days Male, 25000 g Male, 25000 g Brain RetinaeNot mentionedAt 24 h immediately after HI surgery Hind limb(66)SD rats SD ratsNot mentioned Sodium SKI V Autophagy Pentobarbital 30 mgkgAt the beginning of reperfusionRight hind limb(67) (68)Started around the second Hind limb postoperative day immediately after retinal ischemic injury.SD ratsMale, 33080 g Male, 28020 g Male, 29030 gBrainNot mentioned3 cycles, 15 min day for 1 day 3 cycles, 10 min day for 1 day four cycles, ten min day for 1 dayAt exactly the same time as reperfusion At 1 h right after collagenase injection In the similar time because the bilateral frequent carotid arteries reperfusionLeft femoral arteryBy reversing endothelial nitric oxide synthase uncoupling Role of AQP4 and MMP(43)SD ratsBrain, intracerebral hemorrhage BrainNot mentionedBilateral femoral arteries Bilateral femoral arteries(69)Remote Ischemic ConditioningSD ratsNot mentionedPeripheral nerves(70)(Continued)4′-Methoxyflavonol manufacturer Frontiers in Neurology | 6 February 2018 | Volume 9 | ArticleChen et al.TABLe 1 | Continued Animal Sex, age, body weight Male, 25080 g ischemic organ Heart Anesthetic utilized prior to ischemia Pentobarbital 80 mgkg Anesthetic utilized throughout RiC Pentobarbital 30 mgkg RiC protocolday when RiC was began At the same time as reperfusion; intermittently (each and every 3 days) and intensively (each day), both for 28 days In the same time as reperfusion At promptly immediately after neonatal hypoxia schemia At the same time as reperfusion In the exact same time as reperfusion RiC organ Primary pathway investigated Oxidative anxiety, inflammatory cell migration ReferenceSD rats4 cycles, five minday for 1 dayHind limb(71)Wistar rats SD ratsMale, 25050 g Sex not talked about, 10 days Male, 25050 g Male, 25050 gHeart BrainPentobarbital 50 mgkg 3.5 Isoflurane and maintained with 1 ten Chloral Hydrate Pentobarbital 80 mgkgNot described Not mentioned3 cycles, 30 s 4 cycles, ten min day for 1 day three cycles, ten min day for 1 day 1 cycle, occluded for five min and released for 1 min day for 1 day 3 cycles, ten min day for 1 day 3 cycles, 10 min day for 1 day 3 cycles, five minday for 1 dayCoronary occlusion Hind limbPI3KAkt-dependent cellsurvival signaling Activation in the opioid receptorPI3KAkt signaling pathway Heat shock protein 70 and oxygen radical absorbing capacity Adenosine receptors(72) (73)SD ratsHeartNot mentionedIschemic cardiac grafts Renal artery(74)SD ratsHeart,Pentobarbital 200 mgkg(75)SD ratsMale, 30020 g Male, 25080 g Male, 125 weeks, 27000 gBrain1.75 IsofluraneNot mentionedAt 30 min of ischemia, RIC in the onset of reperfusion In the very same time as reperfusion At ten min or 60 min just after the end in the LRIP the liver and kidney had been harvested for biochemical evaluation. In the same time as reperfusion At the same time as reperfusionFemoral arteryAKT pathway(76)SD rats Wistar ratsBrain Liver, kidney3.six Chloral HydrateNot mentionedProximal hind limbs Left hind limbHIF1 Improves antioxidant defense(62) (77)Ketamine 70 mg Not described kg and Xylazine ten mgkgSD ratsFemale, 7 weeks, 25080 g Male, 25000 gBrain10 Chloral Hydrate Not mentionedNot mentioned3 cycles, ten min day for 1 day 3 cycles, 5 minday for 1 dayBilateral femoral arteries Bilateral femoral arteriesAQP4 downregulation in astrocytes Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) activation(78)SD ratsHeartNot pointed out(79) Remote Ischemic ConditioningSD ratsMale, 80 weeks, 22080 gBrain10 Chloral HydrateNot menti.